Wednesday, July 16, 2014



It's kinda awkward showing your undergarments to others but hey! the colors are just too cute not to share.

I love Victoria's Secret's cute and colorful undies. When it comes to bras, I like to keep them simple and in neutral colors so I can match them with any of my vibrant colored panties. I got 13 pairs of panties and 2 bras from Victoria's Secret Pink.


My all time favorite brand when it comes to jeans would be Levi's. When I was in college, I would always save money to buy me a pair. I just love the fitting and they're very flattering on me. Even when I was 20 lbs. heavier than my weight now, still they were very flattering. Here are two of my latest addition to my Levi's jeans. I got a pair of Selvedge boyfriend skinny jeans and a pair of 535 Legging.


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