Saturday, March 22, 2014


Thanks to the internet! Nowadays it's easy to get inspiration from style to beauty and just about anything. There are many websites where you can find things that will inspire you. Tumbler and Pinterests are some of my favorites.

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Monday, March 17, 2014


I just uploaded a video on my youtube channel (link below) called MAC Lipstick Collection and live Swatches. Please check it out and hope you like it!

It was not too long ago that I started buying MAC lipstick. I was a lip gloss/lip balm type of girl for a long time. My first purchased was year 2012 and that was Chatterbox. After that I'm hooked. 

This is a collection but I am not really collecting to the point that I would go out and buy each and every lipstick that MAC have. I have 12 lipsticks at the moment but I'm definitely gonna purchase a FEW more in the future. Just a few!
From left-right
Creme Cup (Cream Sheen), Shy Girl(Cream Sheen), Kinda Sexy(Matte), Viva Glam Nicki(Satin)  

Chatterbox(Amplified), Please Me(Matte), Fanfare(Cream Sheen) Up the Amp(Amplified),
Girl About Town(Amplified), Flat Out Fabulous(Retro Matte), Ruby Woo(Retro Matte), Rebel(Satin)

From Left- Right
Creme Cup, Shy Girl, Kinda Sexy, Viva Glam Nikki, Chatter Box, Fanfare, Please Me
Up the Amp, Girl About Town, Flat Out Fabulous, Ruby Woo, Rebel
Up the Amp and Kinda Sexy are my most reached lipsticks

Check out my youtube video for live lip swatches. (video link)


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Friday, March 14, 2014


Finally, I posted a haul video on my youtube channel. I haven't done any hauls since December 2013. Some of the items, I got last January hahah I know, it's been a while. 

I'm so pleased with all the shoes I got. Im obsessing over ankle strap and pointy shoes lately. They're very sexy and I feel good wearing them. 

Now let's talk about beauty, I did jump on the bandwagon. I got the Naked 3 palette and the original Naked palette. At first, I didn't really like the Naked 3 because of the colors of the eyeshadows. They are mostly on the pink side but I changed my mind. Happens all the time. There's a lot of nice makeup tutorials on youtube using this palette. Everybody seems to love it. So, I decided to get it.

Also, I got the palette that I have been wanting for a long time. It's the Lorac Pro palette. Yay! Such a beautiful palette!  Check out my youtube video.



Monday, March 10, 2014


I just recently started building a MAC eyeshadow palette. I got eight eyeshadows so far. I'm still looking for other colors to try out. I have no plans of collecting MAC eyeshadows. I will just get the ones that I really like and know for a fact that I would use them and not just waste money.

I got the large single pro palette for $8 (Link here) and the pro palette  x15 insert for $2 (Link here) from Eye shadow pro palette refill is $10 (Link here) and single eye shadow is $15 (Link here).

MAC Eyeshadow pro palette

(From left-right) Jaunty, Soft Brown, Cork, Swiss Chocolate, Cranberry, Sketch, Atlantic Blue

Jaunty and Soft Brown

Jaunty - pale champagne with a smooth, frosty finish
Soft brown - soft golden peachy-brown, matte finish

Woodwinked and Cork

Woodwinked - warm antique gold, veluxe pearl finish
Cork - muted golden brown, matte finish

Swiss Chocolate and Cranberry

Swiss Chocolate - muted reddish brown, matte finish
Cranberry - red plum with pink shimmer, frost

Sketch and Atlantic Blue

Sketch - burgundy with red shimmer, velvet
Atlantic Blue- bright violet blue, matte